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The rank of Non-Voting Elder is given to Elders who are under disciplinary action or have voluntarily given up their right to vote as part of the Ruling Council.

Non-Voting Elders are still considered in high regard and should demand the same respect. In most cases, Non-Voting Elders have requested time off from their guild duties and need reduced responsibility.

Non-Voting Elders may petition the Ruling Council for reinstatement to Elder.


The Elder has not served as a Chapter Sponsor, Co-Sponsor, and has not served in a chapter leadership position of any rank within the last twenty-four months.

The Elder has been had a bad return of investment for two chapters. This may also lead to demotion to the rank of Warlord or lower if a Ruling Council vote is passed.


Removed from the Ruling Council

Non-Voting Elders have given up or lost their ability to vote as part of the Ruling Council.

Gaming Chapter Management

Many of the games we play have complex political landscapes and Elders have proven their ability to navigate and execute guild relationships. Elders may form alliances, barter resources, and participate in the strategic planning for Lords of the Dead Game Chapters.

This includes the ability to declare war or peace.

Recruitment & Training

Actively recruit new members for Lords of the Dead and mentor existing members on how to advance in rank.